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Your Most Favourite Gym & Fitness Centre Cleaning Service in Melbourne

If you want your gym and fitness centre in Melbourne to look spick and span, refreshing and healthy, you must hire a specialised gym and fitness centre cleaning service. What better name can you look for than Cleaney? With specialists who are trained in gym and fitness centre cleaning, and with years of experience, we are the most trustworthy gym cleaning service in Melbourne.
Why do you need specialised gym and fitness centre cleaners in Melbourne?
It takes special tools and expertise to clean gyms and fitness centres. Moreover, without the right knowledge and specialised tools, the process can very well be tiring and a time consuming one. Thus, for the best and a fast cleaning solution, you need to hire our professional gym cleaners in Melbourne. With specialised tools and equipment, and by following the right process, our experts will come up with some excellent gym cleaning solution in Melbourne, which includes:
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Mat cleaning
Our holistic gym and fitness centre cleaning service in Melbourne will uplift the look and feel of your gym, and encourage your patrons to enroll themselves and work harder, and get good results. All these will add to the goodwill of your business. Moreover, our specialised cleaning procedure ensures safety and hygiene, which are all the more important in present circumstances.
What Our Gym Cleaning in Melbourne Includes?
Our gym cleaning service in Melbourne includes:
  • Removing & preventing mould & mildew from the shower area
  • Cleaning & sanitising the office area
  • Sanitising & scrubbing the toilet areas and the partitions
  • Scrubbing & washing mirrors and the sinks
  • Grout & tile cleaning
  • Emptying & cleaning the trash bins
  • Cleaning & scrubbing the showers, partitions every tiled area
  • Gym floor & mat cleaning
  • Floor and every other hard surface mopping & scrubbing
  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning, including deep & steam cleaning
  • Disinfecting & sanitising every door and window, every apparatus
  • Cleaning and sanitising every area accessed by your patrons
  • Removal of sweat odour
Thus you see, at Cleaney, our gym and fitness centre cleaning specialists in Melbourne offers a comprehensive service that covers every cleaning aspect.