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Trusted & flexible restaurant cleaning service, MelbourneNo matter how scrumptious the food you offer, if the ambiance of your restaurant is anywhere near dirty or unhygienic, chances are your customer will never return. From the front desk to the till to the kitchen and storage; everything needs to be squeaky clean when it comes to the food-serving business. And so you need to turn to professionals.Proper hygiene around food items is essential in preventing diseases and infections, and to ensure the health and safety of your customers, staff and yourself too.

Show your patrons…and the public health inspectors, that you care

Hiring Cleaney’s specialized restaurant cleaning services in Melbourne means you have a professional cleaning partner to show your commitment to upholding high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. It is also imperative to stay on the right side of official inspections by public health inspectors and keep your business running smoothly and successfully.Our restaurant cleaning services include:
  • Dining area cleaning
  • Kitchen and pantry
  • Till and counters disinfection
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Window cleaning
  • Toilet/restrooms
  • Waste disposal

Flexible, time-saving cleaning services

Restaurants are busy places. The kitchen’s always running, the storage is always full and the laundry is always piling. But cleaning cannot wait. And so we offer flexible timings and quick cleaning solutions, to minimize the disruption to your everyday business.We can work out a regular schedule and plan our cleanings during the time that suits your cooking time. We are here to facilitate your restaurant with an exceptionally high level of professional cleaning without causing any delays in your service.

Expert professionals

Vastly experienced, expert and vetted professional cleaners with police checks

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Upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Weekly/monthly packages are also available.

Environmentally safe products

We have strict protocols to use products that are non-toxic to people and the environment

Insured and bonded

Being fully insured and bonded, we offer a safety net for your premises and equipment, should something go awry

Disinfecting with consciousness

Customers today have a plethora of options and if they aren’t satisfied with your hygiene, it would translate into lower revenues and is not going to help grow your business. We are extremely concerned about human health and the environment and that reflects in our choice of products, procedures and practices, especially around sensitive areas like kitchens where you are preparing meals.Do not compromise your restaurant’s hygiene

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Restaurant Cleaning Melbourne Support FAQ

What is Restaurant Cleaning in Melbourne?

If your restaurant serves drinks and food served by only a handful of people, There isn't a requirement to perform cleaning frequently. It is recommended to do it every month, or once in the beginning after the first food batch gets delivered to the kitchen. But if your establishment is serving a lot of customers regularly, more frequent cleaning is necessary. The ultimate goal is safety for the health of your customers and cleaning of any surface on which food preparation and service is served. If you're thinking of hiring a professional company for cleaning, you should inquire about whether they conduct regular cleaning service for the restaurant in general. An experienced restaurant has a comprehensive sanitizing plan in place from the moment the restaurant opens until the end of the meal. Every employee is engaged during the process and is accountable to ensure the restaurant's cleanliness. If you follow their sanitation strategies, it is feasible to lower or eliminate the chance of food poisoning that is quite common in restaurants.

Why is it Important to Keep Restaurants Clean in Melbourne?

Of course, hiring a professional cleaner firm isn't a one-time investment. It is always necessary to maintain a routine cleaning of your premises regardless of the amount of cleaning at home. It is essential to think about other aspects like the design and layout that the establishment has. Also, the cleaning service will need to provide a service that is suitable to the specific style and layout of your restaurant. The professionals should be able to provide advice on the best solutions to your needs for restaurant cleaning. This can make a significant difference to your company.

What is the purpose of what exactly is Restaurant Cleaning?

When you employ a professional cleaning service, ensure that they follow a precise, thorough cleaning procedure. The primary factor to consider when cleaning and disinfecting your premises is the use of the right equipment and chemicals. The most basic cleaning techniques include steam cleaning, bio aerosols along with regular washing. If the restaurant features bars, then sanitizing is essential because a mix of these methods is often needed. Sanitizing equipment includes wash basins, squeegees dishwashers that are automated, dishes racks dishespans for hand drying, dishwashers, soup spinners, and food processors.

Do we have to do the job ourselves or contract an experienced cleaning service?

Keeping these factors in mind will ensure that the establishment you run is cleaned and disinfected to provide maximum security for your patrons. It is also possible to opt for an integrated sanitizing and cleaning service to provide the highest health and safety standards for your patrons. Professional help could include pest control as well as routine maintenance, which will aid in keeping your establishment clean and well-maintained. So hiring a professional to handle your service can be a fantastic method to ensure you have a restaurant that is clean and disinfected and a safe space for your employees and patrons. Happy dining!

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